During spring and summer 2006 Wei and I were retained as table tennis advisors for the productions of the Hollywood movie "Balls Of Fury".
Our job was to prepare the actors to be able to perform table tennis strokes correctly and to choreograph and supervise the shooting of the table tennis scenes.
It was clear to everyone involved, that the actors wouldn't be able to learn how to play competitively in that short a time, so we had to make sure they
understood the movements and could perform them with the correct timing so that ball could be added later by computer creating the illusion that they actually played.

Here are some pictures from that process.

And here's one of the trailers:

Wei and Maggie Q at the Westside Table Tennis Club
during a preparation session.


Wei and Maggie Q training

Wei and Brett Delbuono, who played young Randy Daytona
on the set of Master Wang's Table Tennis School above
"Wang's Happy Mushu Palace" restaurant.

"The Dragon" Shi La Na and Wei


Wei and Dan Fogler at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, where several scenes
of the movie were shot.


Jason Scott Lee, who played the mean Siu-Foo

Wei and "The Hammer" Patton Oswalt on the set of the ""Reno Tounament"
(which was actually in Van Nuys, California)

Wei and "Master Wang" James Hong at the wrap party in Hollywood


On the set of Master Wang's school

We were invited to make a cameo appearance in the Reno tournament scene -
Wei as the smashing nun, and I as the lobbing priest.

We had a blast and the producers gave us our own director's chairs.